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Reviewed by Ernest Montgomery rated:

It's so easy!

It's so easy! I have lived in Las Vegas for 25 years and I have purchased and sold a few homes. Every time I sold my home it was not a quick process and quite the hassle. This time I needed to sell my home fast and move back east. I did a search on Google and typed in "how to sell my house fast". After going to I entered my name and address to sell my house and all the items that needed to be fixed.

The We Buy Houses rep called me that very same day to come see my house. He made me a cash offer for my house which I accepted. The next day an escrow officer called me and told me escrow had been opened and the We Buy Houses rep wired the full amount of cash for my house that day. Seven days later I had cash for my home and I got to move from Las Vegas to be with my family.

Thank You You are exactly what you advertise. A quick, easy, and painless way to sell my home fast.

Reviewed by Susan Parker rated:

No More Stress

The rental property I had needed so much work! I couldn't believe how ugly the tenants left my beautiful rental home in Las Vegas. I was in the process of getting a dumpster to clean out the house that the renters had trashed, holes in the walls, just a mess. That's when I contacted to get rid of the headache and sell my house fast.

The agent came out and surveyed the house. I was just looking to break even. I knew it would take too much cash to fix it up again. Cash I didn't have to fix the house again. offered a fair cash price for my home and I even was able to walk away with some extra cash. It was a huge weight lifted from me and I was debt free now.

They made it easy, quick, and painless for me. They explained everything from A-Z. was great and fast!!!!

Reviewed by John Applegate rated:

They Made Every Step Incredibly Easy

Losing a parent is always difficult and having to sell the family home is very difficult under the best of circumstances. My mother stayed in her home probably longer than she should have. Following her death, it took me several months to look over her home and make some decisions about repairs she had not done in the last five years.

One morning on the way to work, I had made up my mind to have everything simply hauled away and then sell the house for cash. That's when I found on the internet. They made every step of the process fast & easy. He was kind, understanding and courteous. I got a decent cash price for my mother's home. They closed in 6 days and I had cash quickly. Not having to deal with a lengthy process to sell my mom's house made the grieving process a little easier.

Thank you for being fast and professional.

Reviewed by Rose and Lester rated:

Thank You

My Girlfriend was a financial disaster. She had tons of credit card debt and of course her useless family was no help. We wanted to get married and move away from Las Vegas. My girlfriend had no idea what to do and would cry to me every day. She was such a mess and our relationship was starting to suffer.

I had to do something and fast. Searching online I found The day after I filled out the form to sell her house, a representative called me and came out to her home. My girlfriend needed to be there and she works in retail. We were able to set up a time late in the evening that worked for all of us. The representative offered my girlfriend a good cash price for the home.

I was amazed at how fast and easy the process was. We were able to take that cash and settle her massive credit card debt. From our initial contact to closing, everything moved fast and in professional manner. We got our cash fast for her home and were able to solve our problem. We even had enough cash to move.

I can't thank you enough

–Rose and Lester … We are now married and live in LA

Reviewed by Carl Davis rated:

It doesn't get any easier than this!

Selling my lifelong home was my first time I ever sold a home. It could have been a difficult process, but purchased it for cash. It was faster and easier than I thought. The evaluation of my home was fair and the cash sale of my home was fast. They were flexible with the closing date and we were able to work out a day that worked with my schedule to facilitate the packing of decades of accumulated possessions.

Working with allowed me to make the right decision at the right time, without headache or hitches. Without hesitation I would recommend to others. While every individual's situation is different, I have no question in my mind that the cash sale of my home was fast, fair and easy. I am very happy that bought my house!

Reviewed by Tim Beckman rated:


After my sister passed away a year ago, I listed her home with a real estate agent for five months with no results. The process with the agent was not easy and there was ton of paperwork. I decided to call and some other investors. The other investors were either indecisive or they only offered me only one option.

The guy from spent lots of time giving several different options to our situation that seemed to be easy and fast. I was very impressed with the information he presented me with. The cash they offered was just what I needed to help my sister's children and geez was it fast. was looking out for my best interests and I came away impressed with the service. I would gladly recommend

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